Marketplace Basics

Need a marketplace website to sell products, offer services or enable rentals? Our peer-to-peer marketplace software supports all types of marketplaces. With our marketplace builder, you get all the features you need, such as a dashboard for simple user management and powerful listings and payment tools.

Users Management

Users' accounts

Customers and suppliers can create an account on your marketplace and set up their own profiles with a few clicks. you can learn more about them and their buying habits Check out their contact information and order history at glance.

Vendors' profiles

Your vendors can have their own frontstore and showcase all their offers in one place.

Vendors' dashboard

Vendors can find and track their sales on their own dedicated dashboard.

User Groups and Attributes

With Kreezalid you can categorize users based on various criteria so you can customize user experience for each group.


Specialized payment gateways

Kreezalid is an official partner of Mangopay and Stripe Connect. These third-party payment services are natively integrated with Kreezalid.

Escrow and commission

Our integrated payment solutions allow seamless escrow and commission fees management (fixed, variable or hybrid commission fees).

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Email templates

Kreezalid provides you with automated transactional emails you can customize as you want.

Dashboard and Analytics

Manage your business in one place

Access a unified dashboard to manage your marketplace with ease. Track, control and moderate listings, users and transactions. Monitor your marketplace growth with integrated tracking statistics and quick access to Google Analytics.

Listing Management

Listing creation

Our listing builder lets your vendors create powerful listings in a single step. You can set up various listing creation forms with customized fields for each category of listings.

Listing organization

With Kreezalid, you can manage your entire catalog of offers with ease. Listings can be organized by category and type (physical products, digital products, service, rental).

Listing moderation

You keep control of the listings published on your marketplace with pre- or post-publication moderation.


Kreezalid provides a multi-criteria search engine (location, keywords, category and date). Listings can be sorted by categories and filtering tools.


Export your listing from your admin panel at anytime using CSV files. Massive data import can be performed by our team on demand.

Multiple Order Types

Physical Products

Customers can order physical goods from your online marketplace and choice between the delivery methods you've set for your vendors.

Kreezalid comes with multi-purchase shopping cart: customers can buy simultaneously from several suppliers.

Services and rental

Customers can book services or rent a good from your online marketplace. They can make a reservation for a period or a single date by selecting available time slots on the listings' calendar.

Digital Products

Customers can order and download digital assets from your online marketplace.

Subscription-based marketplace

If your company's business model is based on a membership fee, Kreezalid got you covered. With Kreezalid's integration with popular subscription management solutions like Chargebee or Wild Apricot, you can charge a recurring fee to access your marketplace

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Marketing and SEO

Want to grow your marketplace fast? Our marketing features help you scale your marketplace in no time. Create engaging and converting blog posts, make it easy to find your marketplace with the help of SEO, and quickly get both sellers and buyers to sign up for your marketplace.

Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Help your potential users find your marketplace using search engines. Kreezalid offers H1 tags, title tags and customizable meta tags in your back office, in accordance with SEO best practices.

Social media integration

Your marketplace is linked to the most popular social networks, allowing your users to easily share a listing or one of your blog posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Sitemap generation

Your XML sitemap is automatically generated with listings, content pages, and blog posts.

Third-party marketing solutions

Marketing Apps

Kreezalid integrates with popular marketing solution like Mailchimp, Hubspot or Crisp.


A complete platform for blogging

A blog can be one of the biggest growth drivers for your marketplace. Publish and rate posts easily and manage post categories. Enhance the visibility of your online marketplace by creating quality content.

Multiple languages available

Ready for international market

Kreezalid is available in English, French, Spanish and Danish. Can’t find your language? Our team is working on adding new translations.


1 Work with our free standard template

By default, Kreezalid comes with a free, neutral template you can use as it is.

Beautiful and flexible front

Our standard template comes with several intuitive settings to help you customize your website.

Mobile friendly

Benefit from a responsive design suitable for mobile browsing.

Theme editor

Kreezalid includes a theme editor feature for advanced design integration. Through this editor, you can access the HTML, CSS and Javascript of the theme and customize your marketplace from A to Z.

2 Pick up a premium theme from our theme store

Kreezalid Theme Store includes premium professionally designed marketplace website templates that you can use for your your project. Choose from our library templates for every business.

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Web Hosting

Kreezalid takes care of web hosting to make sure your site is safe and secure.

SSL certificate

Your online marketplace includes an SSL certificate to keep your business data secure.

Custom Domain Name

With Kreezalid you can connect your own custom domain name.

Regular Updates

Kreezalid comes with frequent updates to allow you to benefit from the best features.

Integrations and apps

Kreezalid enables you to build custom integrations through additional plugins. Choose from various plugins that can extend your marketplace’s features. Plugins can add new functionality, drive sales, and optimize how you run your business.

App Store

Manage your online marketplace and grow your business with powerful web apps.

Here are some popular apps:


With the inbox app, users can contact each other and chat via an internal messaging service. Messaging also helps your users to keep track of orders they are making or receiving.

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One of the most important marketplace features is review features. Our "Reviews" app is a rating tool that allows your users to write a review after each transaction.

The scoring system helps you to identify the lowest performers and keep confidence in your community. By enabling sellers to get positive reviews, you guarantee that buyers are kept satisfied.

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  Geolocation with Google Maps

Allow location search on your marketplace and display a Google Map on your listings.

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Kreezalid has been designed as an open platform. Kreezalid provides HTTP based API which follows the essence of REST*.

Learn more about the API


Kreezalid provides webhooks to allow your marketplace to communicate with other web services outside of Kreezalid.

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Support Team

The Kreezalid support answers your questions by email during your trial period and all along the way after you've launched to help you manage your business without any hassle.

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Youtube Channel

Learn more about our features with video tutorials and use-case demos from our Youtube channel.

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Help Center

Learn with frequently asked questions and tutorials from our Help Center.

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Kreezalid Experts

We can help you reach your customers and increase your sales by connecting you with experts from various fields.

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